Will dancer and actor Prem Vats be featured in new music videos and webcasts? Here’s what he has to say!

As the digital age moves with the times, artists have countless opportunities to show off their talent. With the ever-increasing demand for social media, a large number of talented artists have come to the fore. Thanks to platforms like TikTok and Instagram which have helped young talents unleash their artistic skills. Prem Vats is one of those versatile artists who is a hit with the public.

On various occasions, Prem’s videos have gone viral on social media. With over 1.6 million gram followers, Prem Vats left his fans in a frenzy with his funny videos and spectacular dance moves. Beginning his acting career, Vats eventually shifted everyone’s attention to his acting and dancing skills.

The actor made his debut with the music video “Sheesha Dekhungi” featuring famous Haryanvi star, Sapna Choudhary. The song turned out to be a chart hit after which it featured in different music videos like ’52 Gaj Ka Daman’ and ‘Tata Summo’. Not only has he worked on regional songs with notable artists, but Prem has even collaborated with reputable content creators and influencers from different niches.

Some of his biggest collaborations have been with Badshah, Honey Singh, Prince Narula and Aditya Narayan among other famous names. Besides that, her YouTube channel hosts dance videos and offers dance covers of popular songs. Vats’ YouTube channel recently reached a milestone after surpassing one million subscribers.

Not only is the actor and dancer making his presence felt on the internet, but he is also in talks with various directors and producers for music videos and webcasts. When asked about it, Prem chose not to talk much about it. However, the actor said, “I’m in talks with directors, music labels and producers. Things are still in the development stage, so I can’t reveal anything until it’s concrete.”

As Prem Vats keeps his fans hooked on his dance videos, it would be interesting to see him as an actor. We wish the actor lots of luck and hope to see great content in his upcoming projects soon.

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