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Taylor Swift has been telling stories through her song lyrics for nearly two decades, but it wasn’t until the latter half of her career that she dabbled in visually illustrating them. Since she took the step of supervising the visual for her Lover single “The Man” in 2019, however, most of its music videos were entirely directed by the country-turned-pop star herself.

However, her journey as a director began years before. In 2010, she tried to sit in the director’s chair when she teamed up with Roman White – who previously directed Swift’s “You Belong With Me” and “Fifteen” videos – to oversee her. Speak Now mini-film of the first single, “Mine”. It would take about nine years after that for the Grammy winner to return to the other side of the clapboard, eventually reprising the co-director role with “Me!”

Several self-directed projects later, Swift’s video prowess culminated in the form of her very first short film. Very good. The project doubled as a music video for the 10-minute “Taylor’s Version” reissue of a 10-year-old fan-favorite song of the same title, originally released on his 2012 record Red. After that would come a portfolio of music videos made by Swift for her 10th studio album of 2022 Midnightsthe first glimpse of which came with the premiere of “Anti-Hero” on October 21.

But what will happen next for the full-time pop star, part-time filmmaker? “I would love to keep taking baby steps and now I’m at a place where the next baby step isn’t a baby step,” she revealed at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2022. “It would be to commit to making a film and I feel like I would absolutely love the right opportunity to present itself, because I absolutely love telling stories that way.

“I think I will always want to tell human stories about human emotion,” she added. “I never say never, but I can’t imagine filming an action sequence. If that ever happens, it will be fun character growth. Could see it take place somewhere more comedic and irreverent. I don’t always see myself telling stories of extreme guttural heartache at your most formative age.

Not to mention music videos like “The Best Day” and “Christmas Tree Farm,” which are made up of Swift-curated childhood footage, keep reading to see all of Taylor Swift’s self-directed music videos.

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