Vikaas Vishwakarma: With multiple music composers working on one movie, you have to work hard to get into the eyes | Hindi Movie News

Music composer-singer Vikaas Vishwakarma recently sat down for a cup of candid conversation with ETimes. During the same period, he spilled tea on a number of topics, starting with how he fell in love with music and chose it as a profession that was predestined for him.

“So since my childhood, I remember always having had a gift for music. The moment I heard any musical sound, I was chased by it. So it was never a presupposed thought in my heart that music would be my bread and butter. So you can say that I was predestined to exercise this profession”, said the composer who recently presented his work in the song “Khushamadeed”.

“However, one thing I would like to tell you is that my paternal grandmother, that is to say my grandmother, had a huge hunger for music. You can say that she acted like a catalyst while all the other members of my family were strictly against my entering this profession,” he added.

Also, in the conversation, we asked Vikaas Vishwakarma, what is this one thing that he thinks is a challenge in music composition, and while opening up about it, he expressed, “Keeping in Mind the current trends in music, making sure you put in your best possible effort every time is hard no doubt. However, one thing I should shed some light on is that previously you had one composer taking the whole film, but gradually the way of working has shifted to multiple composers taking a particular film. So you know the positive side is that it’s not a one man show but at the same time it’s also correct that with multiple music composers working on a movie you literally have to work hard to get into the eyes of production houses.

Nevertheless, the artist believes that those who master their skills can overcome any challenge. He also adds that a journey without obstacles is boring anyway. On that note, we asked Vikaas to share his upcoming projects with us as well, and he said, “Recently I had a few projects in my bucket among which Randeep Hooda’s movie, then there were two singles with Javed Ali, Sahil Khan & many more.”

“I also had the opportunity to compose ‘nazam’ which is written by actor Dharmendra,” concluded Vikaas.

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