Top 10 Michigan Music Videos of the Fall

As the music moves indoors, Local Spins offers plenty to watch while listening to new tracks from Michigan artists. Plus some bonus videos from The Accidentals and Billy Strings.

A fall roundup: some of the videos featured today on Local Spins.

It’s the time of year.

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The last week of October brings falling leaves, dropping temperatures and growing interest in indoor entertainment.

So, to energize that inner vibe, Local Spins has compiled a list of the top 10 new music videos from artists hailing from Michigan, spanning the gamut of styles from Halloween-appropriate death stare to sing-song folk to dreamy hip hop.

As part of that, Local Spins presents a brand new video from Grand Rapids singer-songwriter Cameron Blake, featuring Majestic Praise, for a single that won’t be officially released until Friday. You see/hear it here first.

Check out the entire Top 10 below, with bonus videos featuring the latest releases from bluegrass king Billy Strings (who appeared on “Austin City Limits” and “Jimmy Kimmel Live” just last week) and The Accidentals (who are in the final week of the American tour behind their new studio album).

1. (Premiere) Cameron Blake/Debra Perry & Majestic Praise, “You Better Run”

From Cameron Blake: “I wrote this tune that sounded like an old spiritual that’s been around forever with lyrics about the prophet Jonah in the Old Testament (not mentioning the Whale). I took it to Debra Perry and she put all the harmonies together with Majestic Praise, then I worked collectively with my band on the arrangement before we got together. The song turned out to be a perfect opener for our set at Frederik Meijer Gardens last August. We recorded it a month later at Local Legends Studio in Grand Rapids with engineer/producer Josh Kaufman. His brand new studio features a concert hall with a very high ceiling and a very unique natural reverberation. The video is Majestic Praise’s latest vocal take. I love their energy and it was really exciting for me not to sing or play on this track, but just to support and celebrate this wonderful collaboration. The single will be officially released on Friday here.

2. Voluptuous Panic, “Midnight Chrome”

The West Michigan-bred Voluptuous Panic – Gretchen DeVault and Brian J. Bowe – originally released this song in 2015, around the time Bowe was moving from Michigan to Washington State. The video was released last week.

From Bowe: “I wrote this song almost completely formed on an airplane. I was playing with recording software. I started playing a synth part using the letters from my laptop, not a real keyboard, and I was absorbed. I think there are elements of that original demo that are still there on the final version. The video was shot around Detroit the summer before the pandemic. I had experimented recording video on my phone using an anamorphic lens made by a company called Moment. I love how this setup creates images that are both luscious and lo-fi. For me, there’s no There’s nothing quite like driving around on a summer night in Detroit while blasting music to capture a sense of endless possibilities.”Midnight Chrome” always struck me as a Detroit aesthetic, so I wanted the video reflects this.

3. Luke Winslow-King, “Lissa’s Song”

Written as a tribute to the late New Orleans singer Lissa Driscoll, Cadillac native Luke Winslow-King also released a two-part documentary on “Lissa’s Song” with never-before-seen video footage.

From Luke Winslow-King: “I’m super excited to release a new song, video, and short documentary in tribute to my dear friend, New Orleans blues singer Lissa Driscoll. We’re raising money to support New Orleans musicians who need healthcare through the NOMC. Lissa was a great friend and inspiration to (guitarist) Roberto Luti and me, and that’s why our twelve-year partnership began. I feel to have worked for this one my entire career. It’s so good to release something that I believe so much in, and God knows the people of New Orleans could use some good health care right now.

4. VAZUM, “Wytch Lych”

From VAZUM: “Unrated V” is the new electronic Halloween album from Detroit Deathgaze duo VAZUM. Released on October 22, it features 12 dark electronic tracks inspired by classic horror tales and macabre characters. Layered with synths and drum machines, he explores industrial, electro and ambient styles. “Unrated V” is the electronic counterpart to “Rated V,” which the duo released last October as a Halloween concept rock album. In both versions, the first six tracks tell the stories of horror characters while the last six tracks delve into the dark realms of other worlds and paranormal phenomena. VAZUM recorded and produced “Unrated V” at their own Light Echo studios.

5. Colt Snuffer & The Dead Horsemen, “Pulled on a String”

Colt Snuffer & The Dead Horsemen of Muskegon released their first full album, “The Devil You Know” in September. This dark video directed by Kyle Gifford unfolds the killer ballad “Pulled on a String.”

6. Wuzee & Samil, “Join the Cult”

“Join the Cult” is the closing track for hip hop artists from Grand Rapids At Wuzee & Samil last album, “Where Thoughts Go to Die”. The video was directed and edited by Andy Miller of Orange Cap Pictures.

7. Bradley Sinclair, “Rough Day”

Rockford native and recent “The Voice” contestant Bradley Sinclair released “Difficult Day” in September, featuring this live rendition of the song filmed at Gnome Studios by Image Dei Productions. Now based in Nashville, Sinclair wrote the song with Marielle Kraft.

From Sinclair: “’Difficult Day’ is a song about the importance of the people in your life who are ready to be there for you when you are going through a difficult time. Whether it’s because of depression or just having an emotionally difficult day. The original inspiration for this song was actually from Winnie the Pooh, where Pooh tells Piglet he’s had a rough day but doesn’t want to talk about it, and Piglet just sits down and stays with it. him. He told Pooh he didn’t need to talk about it, he just wanted him to know he cared.

8. Joey Frendo, “Lordstown”

After leaving Grand Rapids for Oklahoma, the singer-songwriter Joey Frendo, a former Watching for Foxes/Winnow frontman from West Michigan, wrote the song, inspired by auto strikes and “GM gypsies.” He describes the song’s genesis as part of the “stripped down” acoustic version of the new single.

9. marsfade, “You know what I mean”

Grand Rapids indie electronic artist marsfade, aka Marley Ferguson, released this single in April, with the video in August. The video for this track was directed by Dustin Tan, with Jake Wolfert serving as cinematographer.

10. Flowers on the grave, “Icarian”

Jackson’s dark rock band Flowers on the Grave released this single and video last week. The video was co-produced by Ryan Hudson of 1887 Media.

Excerpt from Flowers on the Grave: “The song ‘Icarian’ is about breaking down the barriers that we all have in our minds that keep us from reaching our true potential. It’s a song about escapism and reaching for heights, portrayed through the prism of the myth of Icarus. The video expands on this theme, with the character of Icarus played by a woman on the edge of an ocean. She begins her journey into darkness, gradually building confidence in claiming her sovereignty, until it spreads its wings and begins its flight.

BONUS VIDEOS: Local Spins originally featured these two videos along with their reviews of new albums by The Accidentals and Billy Strings. Since then, Billy Strings’ video has racked up nearly 196,000 views on YouTube; The Accidentals video has garnered over 2,800 views.

VIDEO: Billy Strings, “Heartbeat of America” ​​(from “Renewal”)

VIDEO: The Accidentals, “Vessel” (from “Vessel”)

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