There are NO music composers, only programmers says Ilaya

Capital awaits Ilayaraja’s “Rock with Raja” live event. ilayaraja met him in his studio during the ‘Rock with Raaja’ performance, which will take place today (Friday) in the island of Chennai, and answered his questions in a grand manner in his own style. We’ve compiled a list of important questions posed to the great composer based on the recently released interview.

Ilayaraja’s new studio is in the Kodambakkam area of ​​Chennai. The studio aesthetic swept through the soul in a soothing melody, as if Kamban were a housewife and a poetess. Only the heart would notice the murals of musical instruments on the walls playing in time. Musical symbols were used to generate the image of the musician on another wall. The 78-year-old singer was busy putting the painting ‘Music is King…the King is Music’ into ‘pre-production’ in the recording studio. Do the wise have mercy? Thus, ilayaraja was preparing for the ‘Rock with Raaja’ program with full attention. Due to the corona ban on large-scale gatherings, ilayaraja held the largest public concert two years later.

In response to this, he said, “People have been going through a tough time over the past couple of years. My music, however, has been a constant friend to them, even during those sad days. Now they will be able to soak up the the musical rain. I hope I can offer it to them. Even though we have done a lot of concerts in the past, Rock with raja is a whole different experience. There are no real composers left since all that they do c is program music.”

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