The personal stories behind these Jennifer Lopez clips

Jennifer Lopez first made a name for herself as an actress. Her journey to recognition began as a backup dancer, which led to her joining the Fly Girls on In living color. From there, she did odd jobs in film and TV, before landing her breakout role in Selena. Lopez then struck a deal with Sony Music and began her music career.

During her music career, Lopez has directed numerous music videos. These videos contained dance and killer performances. However, there are personal revelations behind many of them. Many of Lopez’s videos depict key periods of her life.


8/8 If you had my love

An artist’s first music video is a big deal. This is how most people will be introduced to you. For Jennifer Lopez, her first clip had to make a good impression. The inspiration for which actually came from Diddy, or Puffy, as he was called at the time. Lopez was dating him at the time and he came up with the idea for the video. The interactive website was Diddy’s idea and allowed Lopez to play in different scenarios throughout the video. Needless to say, it was a brilliant first impression!

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7/8 Not me Ames

When Lopez started in music, she was a huge fan of Marc Anthony. The two met in the studio while she was recording her debut album. Anthony asked her to appear in his music video for “No Me Conoces”. Lopez said yes, but on the condition that he duet with her on his album. Anthony accepted and the two recorded “No Me Ames”, a Spanish adaptation of an Italian song, “Non Amarmi”. The two dated around this time, but soon broke up due to their separate careers. They will later marry and have twins. This song and video will always be part of Lopez’s story.

6/8 I feel good

If there’s one thing people know about Jennifer Lopez, it’s where she grew up. This is, of course, the New York borough of the Bronx. Lopez said she originally wanted “Feelin’ So Good” to be the lead single from her debut album and knew she wanted to film it in her old neighborhood. It ended up being the fourth single, and many of Lopez’s friends and family appeared in the video, including her mother. It also shows Lopez taking the 6 train to Manhattan. This is where the title of his first album, “On The 6”, comes from.

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5/8 Love costs nothing

At the time of this song’s release, it looked like Lopez’s relationship with Diddy was on the rocks. Many interpreted the song’s lyrics as addressing him, someone who enjoyed living a lavish lifestyle. Over the years, Lopez has given conflicting accounts of her inspiration for this song. In the video, Lopez is seen dancing with Cris Judd, her dancer-turned-husband. The two had a short-lived marriage and this video is a glimpse into their initial bond and courtship. This video depicts a transitional period in Lopez’s life. She was ending one relationship and starting another.

4/8 Living

Before getting into the music business, Lopez made a name for herself as an actress. Lopez starred in the domestic violence drama, Sufficient, in 2002. She felt a closeness to the character, saying she had been in relationships where she felt abused, but not physically. Lopez also co-wrote this song for the film. Her writing partner was her then-husband, Cris Judd. The two lovebirds not only had great personal chemistry, but also great musical chemistry. The song was later included on Lopez’s remix album, “J To Tha LO! The Remixes”.

3/8 jenny from the block

When Lopez and Ben Affleck got together, it sparked a media storm. No one had ever seen a couple with so much interest and attention that they both received. Every move Lopez and Affleck made was closely watched by the paparazzi. There were always rumors about what was going on behind closed doors. When Lopez filmed the video for this song, she decided to get some media attention. Lopez asked Affleck to be in the video, which he accepted. This is yet another example of art imitating life and vice versa. It’s a seminal representation of a moment in pop culture history. It could also have special meaning for the couple now, as they recently rekindled their romance and got married.

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2/8 Que Hiciste

Lopez opened up about the support she received from Marc Anthony during their marriage, especially when it came to her singing voice. Lopez said she had deep insecurities about her singing abilities that stemmed from her childhood. She said her mother would place her and her sisters in different categories based on their talent. Lopez said she was considered an athlete growing up, not a singer. This, coupled with the judgment Lopez faced from the public at the height of her career, was a perfect storm. Lopez said it was through Anthony’s guidance and support that she found the courage to record this song, from her Spanish debut album.

1/8 dance again

Lopez’s marriage to Marc Anthony was a whirlwind that many people didn’t see coming. This resulted in two beautiful children, but ultimately it didn’t last. The divorce happened while Lopez was promoting her “Love?” album and playing the role of judge on american idol. Having to go through a divorce and custody battle in public view is not easy. Lopez said she needed an anthem, a song to inspire her to move on. When Lopez heard a demo of the song, she begged co-writer Enrique Iglesias to let her record it. It was the anthem she was looking for. Not only did she record it, but the video featured Casper Smart, a dancer who Lopez had started dating at the time.

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