Taylor Swift’s Boyfriends in Music Videos: The Evolution – Billboard

From country girl-next-door to platinum pop to low-key indie, Taylor Swift’s sound has constantly evolved over her successful career. Along with these changes, many facets of his artistic aesthetic have followed suit — and that includes the appearance of men in his music videos over the years, from “Tim McGraw” to “Willow” and beyond.

In her early music videos, for example, the boys she sang to during slow-motion sequences or montages of romantic moments were cute, scruffy, all-American guys. Then over time they went from looking like they could be cashiers at your local Target store to looking like they should be models in Target’s catalog – sleek and shiny with lines of jaw that could cut you in half.

It was the desired look that Swift more or less stuck to for several years when casting her male counterparts, until she stopped casting them altogether. For each of the music videos she released while promoting her edgy sixth studio album Reputation, she very significantly made herself the sole star of the show — even in videos for explicitly romantic songs like “Ready For It?” and “Delicate”.

Once Lover was released in 2019, however, men returned to the fold. This started a new trend for Swift, who began bringing in other A-Listers to play her male leads, from Panic! At Disco’s Brendon Urie in “Me!” at Top Gun: Maverick star Miles Teller in “I Bet You’re Thinking Of Me.”

Find out how Taylor Swift’s on-screen beaus have changed from 2008 to now by reading BillboardThe full list of her music video boyfriends below.

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