Santhu Pottu to Natukkoru Seithi Solla: Kamal Haasan’s Movie Songs with a Political Reference

Kamal Haasan’s movie songs with a political reference | Photo credit: Twitter


  • Tamil movie songs always praise movie personalities, as super humans are a fixture at political meetings in Tamil Nadu.
  • Film tunes played a vital role in Kamal Hassan’s political career.
  • Here is a political reference in Kamal Haasan’s movie songs

Tamil politics and cinema have been inseparable for many decades in Tamil Nadu. The legacy of Periyar EV Ramaswamy was picked up by CN Annadurai, the writer who popularized the ideology through his plays and films.

CN Annadurai or Anna, was an ideologue and screenwriter of the film Parasakti (1952) which was a great success and spread the Dravidian ideology among the people of Tamil Nadu. His legacy was taken up by Mr. Karunanidhi, screenwriter and lyricist, who became one of the most popular chief ministers in the state.

Later film tunes played a vital role in the political career of MG Ramachandran. He had an extraordinary musical director in MS Viswanathan and two great lyricists in Kannadasan and Vaali to provide him with memorable numbers.

Now that Kamal Haasan has embarked on the political journey, the songs from his films will take on a new dimension at his events. If MGR had MSV, Kamal Haasan has Ilaiyaraaja.

When Kamal Haasan announced his entry into politics in February 2018 and founded the Makkal Needhi Maiam party, he said his party would try to turn eight villages into role models for the rest of the state. It was the central idea of ​​K Balachander’s 1988 film Unnal Mudiyum Thambi. The title comes from the song whose lyrics preach against alcoholism and accuse leaders of promoting excessive drinking.

Unnal Mudiyum Thambi

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Unnal Mudiyum Thambi is a remake of the Telugu film Rudraveena. Kamal Haasan’s character was inspired and named after a real life social activist MS Udayamurthy.

Annaatha Aadurar Othiko

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In Annaatha Aadurar Othiko, the character of Kamal describes himself as a man who should not be provoked. If he is, he will pounce. The use of folk drums makes the song an excellent dance number.

Raja Kaiya Vetcha

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The movie also Raja Kaiya Vetcha. The song is about his magic touch, which right all wrongs. This song started with the dialogue between Kamal and the late Manorama. The song was sung by the late SP Balasubrahmanyam.

Santhu Pottu

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Kamal Hassan had teamed up with his idol Sivaji Ganesan in the 1992 film, Thevar Magan. As its name suggests, the film glorifies the Thevar community, a powerful voting bloc in southern Tamil Nadu. In Santhu Pottu, Haasan affirms his Tamil identity and his global exposure.

Natukkoru Seithi Solla

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In 2003, Kamal starred in Anbe Sivam, a commercial flop but a critical hit. The song Natukkoru Seithi Solla, composed by Vidyasagar, unfolds like a street theater play in which Haasan’s character, Nallasivam, urges workers to protest in the streets.

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