Pearl V Puri- “I don’t usually make music videos but from the moment I heard the song I was…

For all the heartbroken lovers, Tips Music has just released their latest single – “Chaha Hai Tujhko” featuring Pearl V Puri and Sanjeeda Shaikh. The viral teaser had taken the internet by storm right after its release.

Sanjeev Rathod lent his haunting voice to this recreated version. A director from Arvindr Khaira brings Sanjeev Darshan’s beautiful composition to life with the hard-hitting lyrics of Sameer Anjaan.

Pearl’s take on the song is “I don’t usually make music videos, but from the moment I heard the song I was hooked because it’s a remake of one of my favorites from all time…and the original composer Sanjeev Rathod himself is a song that embodies the pain and sadness of a lover I hope you all love the song and appreciate all the hard work we have all provided.

“Chaha Hai Tujhko is one of our most prestigious melodies, and when we had the chance to redo it, we felt that the original essence should be kept intact while appealing to today’s youth. and we are extremely happy and proud of how it turned out,” says Kumar Taurani

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Chaha Hai Tujhko describes the grief Pearl Puri goes through after her lover leaves her. It dives deep into the grief that follows after a couple break up. Sanjeeda and Pearl both have great chemistry that moves even the toughest people.

Sanjeev Rathod when asked about the song said, “The original version of Chaha Hai Tujhko by Udit Ji is so ingrained in the minds of the public and we wanted to do it justice. I hope the public will like this new remake version. Both Pearl & Sanjeeda did a fabulous job…”

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