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The live broadcast”TOHO 10th Anniversary” revealed the artists for the opening and ending theme songs for the ONIMAI: I’m your sister now! animated.

Multi-gender animator P Maru-sama and cosplayer Enako collaborate to perform the opening theme song “Identeitei Meltdown”, while the “Onimai Sisters” (the voice actresses of the main characters: Marika Kono, Kaori Ishihara, Hisako Kanemoto, Minami Tsuda), performs the ending theme song “Himegoto * Cry Sisters”. CD singles for both songs will go on sale February 15.

Shingo-Fuji (Mushoku Tensei: Unemployed Reincarnation episode 11 storyboards, director) makes his series directorial debut with the anime at Studio Liaison. Michiko Yokote (Shirobako, Prison school I like to play everything, Tsurune) is in charge of scripting the series. Ryo Imamura (Mushoku Tensei: Unemployed Reincarnation animation director of episode 11) is designing the characters. EGG FARM produced the series.

Kodansha comics publishes the manga digitally in English, and it describes the story:

Mahiro Oyama was just a normal guy who loved erotic games…until he woke up one morning as a woman! It turns out that his little sister, the mad scientist, Mihari, tried one of her new experiments on him…with disastrous results, as far as Mahiro is concerned! But Mihari is as determined to study it as he is determined to return to his life as a locked down gamer, and one thing is for sure…life is going to get a whole lot stranger from now on!

The anime will be released in January 2023.

The manga began as a self-published work by Nekotofu in 2017, which they released through pixi and other places online. Nekotofu launched a regular serialization of the manga in Ichijinshait is comic Rex April 2019 review. Ichijinsha released the manga’s sixth compiled book volume and its second anthology volume on the same day on April 27. Kodansha comics released the fifth volume in English on March 22.

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