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The official website of the television anime of GungHo Online Entertainmentit is ninjala nintendo The Switch game announced the anime’s main cast, main staff, theme song artists, and the January 8 premiere on Thursday. The website also released the anime’s key visual:

The TV anime will retain the main cast from the previous net anime:

Mamoru Kanbe (The promised never-never land, elf lied) directs the television anime at OLMand Shinzo Fujita (To your eternity, Mazin Kaiser, Shin Megami Tensei Devil Kids) is in charge of scripting the series. Atsushi-Suzuki (Pokémon the Movie: Our Power animation director) designs the characters. Yasuyuki Uragami directs the sound, and Takahiro Obata (Cinderella Nine, The promised never-never land) composes the music.

A singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu returns from the game itself and the net anime to perform the TV anime’s opening theme song “Maybe Baby”. A singer Wolpis Carter performs the ending theme song “Ninjalaic Ninja”, which was written, composed and arranged by Nayutalian.

The anime will premiere on Tokyo Television and five other affiliate stations on Saturday, January 8 at 10:30 a.m. (January 7 at 8:30 p.m. EST).

A 3DCG animated short based on the game debuted in March 2020. The original 2D net animated short premiered in June 2020 on the ninjala franchise official Youtube channel. The net anime was a co-production between Hibari Studio and Domerica.

The free online Switch game was launched in June 2020. The game was originally planned for Spring 2019.

GOE describes the story of the game:

ninjala is a ninja gum morphing action game that allows players to blow gum to craft weapons and use the unconventional ninjutsu fighting method. Adapting to different landscapes, players must use lightning-fast reflexes and super parkour mechanics to battle and counter their opponents. The game brings a new era to the world of ninjas through online battles against other players.

Takeshi Arakawa (Dissidia: Final Fantasy senior director and co-producer, the world ends with you director of planning) and Kazuki Morishita (Puzzle & Dragons, LET IT DIE executive producer) designed the game. The game supports up to eight player multiplayer, locally or online.

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Source: ninjala website for the television anime, Comic Natalie

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