New English Music Videos For BELLE Show Off Beautiful Music And Animation – GeekTyrant

GKIDS released English music videos for 3 songs by Mamoru Hosodathe last movie of Beautiful. The three tracks featured are “A Million Miles Away”, “Lend Me Your Voice” and “U”, with each video being unique. “A Million Miles Away” is a powerful and moving song with its video featuring actual video footage of people creating memories together and remembering deceased loved ones. “Lend Me Your Voice” features the sequence from the film that has Belle and the Dragon in a scene that is very reminiscent of the dance sequence from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. It’s a beautiful song and a visually charming moment. “U” is a great music video that features many different sequences from the movie. I really like the effects it uses to transfer us from the physical world into the virtual world of U. This movie has some great music that, at the very least, listening to the soundtrack is worth your time. You can watch Belle subtitled or dubbed in theaters now.

Suzu is a shy and ordinary high school girl who lives in a rural village. For years, she was only a shadow of herself. But when she enters “U”, a huge virtual world, she escapes into her online persona as Belle, a gorgeous and world-famous singer. One day, his concert is interrupted by a monstrous creature pursued by vigilantes. As their hunt intensifies, Suzu embarks on an emotional and epic quest to uncover the identity of this mysterious “beast” and uncover its true self in a world where you can be anyone.

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