Music videos featuring musician lookalikes – Billboard

Often artists like to leave the meaning of their creations up to interpretation, but on occasion they choose to make it more obvious. And nothing says “That’s who my song is about” like casting someone who looks like that person to star alongside you in a music video.

That’s what pop stars like The Weeknd, Halsey, Selena Gomez and more have all attempted in previous music videos. Whether it’s to shade an ex (see: Britney Spears from Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me a River”) or send a message to the one who got away (looking at you, Joshua Bassett and your “Doppelgänger “Olivia Rodrigo carbon copy), artists have been quite creative when it comes to using lookalikes to spice up their visual projects.

However, not all music video lookalikes have anything to do with an artist’s past romances — and not all music video lookalikes turn out well. Kanye West, for example, faced a bit of backlash after featuring nude artificial figures of several well-known celebrities in his “Famous” music video, while DaBaby took some heat for using actress Megan Thee Stallion. -esque in a video for his track “Boogeyman,” on which he brags that he allegedly slept with the “WAP” rapper.

But whether a video elicits a positive or negative reaction from viewers, those with celebrity lookalikes almost always have one thing in common: they get people talking. Keep reading to see which pop stars have included lookalikes of famous friends or frenemies in their music videos below.

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