“Music is my soul and music videos are an amazing way to tell short stories through music,” says Shalini Pandey

MUMBAI: Actress Shalini Pandeys recently released a music video titled ‘Sajna’ which received an incredible response. Singer Supriyaa Pathaak lent her vocals to this resounding melody and the lyrics are penned by Shekhar Astitwa. The music video is choreographed by Sana Khan while it is directed by Yasir Jah. Sajna is streamed on Vikram Montrose’s Youtube channel. As seen, the video automatically references Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Ang Laga De featuring Deepika Padukone, specifically the treatment of the song. “It’s a pleasure to be compared to the iconic song, Ang Laga De. However, the uniqueness of my song Sajna is the character I play, she plays for others and whatever she does, she is held to behave in such a way, therefore, it may not be rational to find a similarity to a song that is part of a particular film story,” says Shalini.

Talking about the process of shooting the music videos, Shalini said, “Actually, from the moment I heard the audio track for the song, I was hooked. It’s an unusual track, very different from the usual fare. Then, based on the Director’s briefing, I started preparing for the shoot, it was not an easy brief, I had 2000 questions in my head but once the camera was rolling, the mood changed instantly. and the whole team were in perfect harmony and they knew exactly what they wanted. Every shot as I focused on the performance I could feel like they were getting the exact same thing from me and afterwards it was smooth fun, i really enjoyed the shot it was almost a divine feeling and after packing it i felt like i just came back from a long process of meditation Music is my soul and music videos are an amazing way where you tell stories. short stories through music and it’s so exciting to portray different characters in a medium of short story telling.

When asked more about what Shalini does when she’s not filming, Shalini said, “I’m a girl next door, shy, introverted, creative and artistic. I’m a simple, nature loving person. , feels good in the fresh morning air , and likes the smell of the environment. In short, I like to live in the real world and seek happiness in the little things. I like to read, write, sing, dancing, looking at weird things and trying to find stories around me, about the things that connect one human being to another.” An actor she would like to work with and she answers with a smile: “Vicky Kaushal. Simply because of how he made his mark based on his own efforts and decisions. I think he’s a very genuine actor and I’ll learn a lot from him, should I get the chance to work with him.”

Shalini’s next project -Fingers Crossed, a comedy movie is set to release. She is also working on an intense love story named Pyaar Hai to Hai, which will air in September. Shalini is also preparing a video clip which will be shot very soon.

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