Milind Soman returns in music videos with Shringaar, Will Pierce Hearts with Kohl Laden Eyes

Last update: July 02, 2022, 9:03 PM IST

Milind Soman returns to music videos with Shringaar

Milind Soman makes a comeback in music videos with Aastha Gill, Akasa Singh and Raftaar’s Shringaar, and he sets a thirst trap like he did in Made In India

Remember the time Milind Soman stepped out of a box in Alisha Chinai’s Made In India and made our hearts flutter. Well, who could forget her piercing gaze, and her unfair beauty? Many of us were even praying for the actor and model to make a comeback in music videos. Looks like our prayers have been answered. Milind Soman is part of one of the recent music videos. Titled Shringaar, the song was sung by Aastha Gill and Akasa Singh of Naagin fame, and also has Raftaar. Additionally, it features Milind Soman in a new look, flaunting kohl-laden eyes and a nose, with the same piercing gaze.

After the hit Naagin, Aastha Gill and Akasa Singh collaborated again, alongside Raftaar for Shringaar. It also has a reminiscence of Naagin. While the melody is catchy and bound to become a hit, it’s the music video that grabs our attention. This is because it features Milind Soman, as a potter. He doesn’t have much to do here except kill the audience with his deep eyes and piercing gaze. Its look will definitely remind you of the Paurashpur web series. He wears surma, puts on a nose ring, and teaches all men how to nail, all while looking absolutely sultry. Watch the video here:

Fans also reacted. One person commented, “Milind Soman kills with his looks…He looks extremely sexy…our childhood celebrity is still as dashing as he was.” Another wrote: “The OG model! So happy to see Milind Soman back in a music video. Beautiful song with a soothing voice! Another comment read, “90s nostalgia. Went for ‘Made In India’ after watching this one. How many of you have done this? Another said: “I should have used milind to its full potential.. those previews were useless.. he deserves to be in every picture 😍.. loved him since the days of made in india dude.. 😘”

Are you just as thirsty after watching the video? Well, welcome to the club.

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