Kamen Rider Geats Cast and Theme Song Artists Revealed

Cast and characters for the sequel Kamen Rider series were revealed during the Kamen Rider Geats press event broadcast on August 7. Information about the theme song artist was also revealed during this event.

On August 7, the press event announcing the cast and story of Kamen Rider Geatsthe Kamen Rider next series Review Kamen Rider, was released on YouTube via the Toei Tokusatsu Official YouTube Channel and the Bandai Official Channel. During this event, viewers saw the show’s cast for the first time and learned more about the story in addition to seeing special messages from this show’s theme song artists.

Who will be the real hero?

Go wild in style in the survival game!
The rider of the white fox, Kamen Rider Geatswas born!!

Participants are thrown into a survival game to keep the peace! The winner is the real hero!

The “Desire Grand Prix” is a game to protect the peace of the city from the threat of the mysterious enemy “Jamato”, whose origin and purpose are unknown. Many participants transform into Kamen Riders and compete for points by defeating enemies and saving people in order to win the game. The winner of the Grand Prix Désir will be rewarded with “the privilege of realizing his ideal world”. In other words, only the winners, the true heroes, will be able to create the world they want.

As Ukiyo / Kamen Rider Geats

A man full of mysteries, Ace Ukiyo transforms into Kamen Rider Geats, a Kamen Rider with a white fox motif. Wielding a combat sense worthy of a prodigy, Ace is undefeated in the Grand Prix Desire. Although he dresses smartly, his charm lies in his warm manner of speaking. Why he is racing the Grand Prix and wearing a tuxedo will be revealed as the story progresses.

Ace Ukiyo will be played by Hideyoshi Kan.

Ryuga Sato as Keiwa Sakurai / Kamen Rider Tycoon

Ryuga is a 22-year-old student looking for a job who is interested in volunteer work and sincerely wishes for world peace. With his latent communicative skills, he sets the whole mood on stage. He transforms into Kamen Rider Tycoon, a green Kamen Rider with a tanuki (raccoon dog) design.

Keiwa Sakurai will be played by Ryuga Sato.

Neon Kurama / Kamen Rider Na-go

Neon (“neh-ohn”) Kurama is a celebrity and influencer who transforms into golden cat Kamen Rider Na-go. Endowed with wealth and good looks, she has an atypical dream of wanting to leave these things behind, leave her house and become an ordinary person. She runs a streaming program called “Neon TV”.

Real YouTuber Yuna Hoshino will play Neon.

Michinaga Azuma / Kamen Rider Buffa

Dull and lonely, Michinaga is another mysterious character, and he transforms into the purple buffalo Rider, Kamen Rider Buffa. For some reason, he is particularly hostile towards Geats.

Azuma will be played by Kazuto Mokudai.


Working for the survival game Desire Grand Prix as a navigator and shrouded in mystery, Tsumuri supports players by explaining the Grand Prix rules and the like.

Played by Kokoro Aoshima, readers might also recognize Alice Hiromi’s role in ZERO: -DRAGON BLOOD-


A janitor who resides in the Sanctuary of Desire, located in the Neutral Zone Salon. Girori gathers Desire Grand Prix participants and supports Kamen Riders with perfect hospitality and pleasant voice.

Played by Shugo Oshinari, he was last seen in Kamen Rider like the Mayan Emperor from the movie Wizard Kamen Rider in Magic Land.

The show’s theme song will once again be performed by two artists.

One is Koda Kumia very popular and multi-award winning singer.

The other is Shonan-no-Kazelast heard in Kamen Rider series in JUST LIVE MORE, the theme song of Gaim Kamen Rider (2013~2014).


  • Original work: Shotaro Ishinomori
  • Script: Yuya Takahashi, and more
  • Directors: Shojiro Nakazawa, Teruaki Sugihara and many more
  • Action Director: Satoshi Fujita (Japan Action Enterprise)
  • Director of special effects: Hiroshi Butsuda
  • Producers: Chihiro Inoue (TV Asahi), Naomi Takebe (Toei)

Kamen Rider Geats is the fourth entry in the Reiwa era Kamen Rider series. It will premiere on September 4 at 9:00 AM (JST) on TV Asahi.

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