Ed Sheeran will release ten epic music videos for his next studio album

Ed Sheeran will release ten epic music videos for his next studio album

Ed Sheeran will release ten “epic” music videos for his next studio album, which is due out next year.

An insider said The sun that the shape of you hit-maker will begin shooting the videos later this month and will use the English countryside and seaside as the backdrop for his shoot.

The singer, who has already started recording songs for his upcoming album at his home studio, “is really excited about his new material,” the source told the publication.

“Ed can’t wait to put his imagination to the test with the help of his creative video team,” the insider added.

The outlet shared that “becoming a father” was an “amazing experience” for Sheeran and so “he poured those thoughts into his lyrics, along with many other ideas.”

Before wrapping up, the insider added, “This is his first time shooting a one-story video series, but he thinks it will be special.”

It comes after the singer captivated fans by revealing he was filming a revealing documentary about his personal and professional life.

The singer-songwriter shared that the project will explore different aspects of his life, including his 18-year career as a superstar.

Sheeran told the outlet, “We’re shooting a one-minute documentary about my life and there’s been a great conversation about what we’re including.”

“How honest…there’s no point in putting something on if there’s something harming my life,” the seven-time Brit Award winner added.

“It’s a very fine line, which is why I live in Suffolk and not LA. My celebrity life is activated when I’m in New York, but at home I’m a friend, a father, a husband, a son. You can’t take celebrity baggage home.

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