Dragon Ball Super Theme Song Artists Revealed

Toei Animation today announced the artists who will be responsible for the opening and ending theme songs for Dragon Ball Super.

As reported by Saiyan Island, the opening theme song for Dragon Ball Super will be called “Chozetsu Dynamic!”. Chozetsu in Japanese translates to transcendence. The song will be performed by Kazuya Yoshi who is a Japanese singer/songwriter. This person hasn’t been involved in any of the previous Dragon Ball Z theme songs. Their genre is usually rock music, so expect a heavier opening.

Dragon Ball Super will also have an ending theme song that will be different from the opening theme. This song will be called “Hello Hello Hello” and will be performed by a group called “Good Morning America”. This group is also from the rock musical genre. They previously provided an ending theme for Dragon Ball Z Kai.

Unfortunately, the two songs from Dragon Ball Super are not yet available to listen to. They will likely debut the songs when the series airs in Japan in June. It should be noted that the songs will be available for purchase as singles from August.

Dragon Ball Z themes have been loved by fans all over the world. It will be interesting to see if the Dragon Ball Super theme songs have the same kind of impact on DBZ fans around the world.

– This article was last updated on May 20, 2015

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