Demi Adejuyigbe to make movie songs for Covid-19 relief donations

In the static haze of all the many movies you’ve watched throughout quarantine, you might have noticed something missing from any movie made after 2002: songs playing over the end credits that recap what you just saw.

It’s an art form that faltered in the 21st century but will never be forgotten. (Slate at a big piece tracing the rich history of the microgenre.)

For the past few years, a comedian has been working hard to bring it back — and in a bid to raise money to fight COVID-19, he’s been working on it harder than ever.

Demi Adejuyigbe is a comedian and writer for shows such as The right place and The Late Late Show with James Corden, but he also has a deep musical fiber. He used to co-host Pierce the jam with Miel Bredouw, a podcast where the pair would often remix and write new lyrics for popular songs with some perceived flaws. Adejuyigbe is also responsible for the immortal “daddy’s kiss” Succession theme parody, which has become so popular that he now claims to regret doing it. Now, the comic is putting its formidable songwriting muscle behind crafting a bunch of new end-credits songs for coronavirus relief.

Adejuyigbe appealed to its nearly 200,000 Twitter followers for proof of food bank donations. For every $1,000 in donations he raised, he promised to randomly select one donor to choose a movie that desperately needs an end-credits song. In total, the fundraiser raised over $24,000, meaning the comedian will be releasing 24 songs in the near future.

Here are the movies he will cover, a list that includes Irishman, teenage witchand Hereditary.

Now, you can expect to get some fresh, creative entertainment while you wait to see the end credits roll on this whole coronavirus saga.

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