Christina Aguilera’s Best Music Videos: Review

Christina Aguilera has been an icon for over twenty years, which means she has gone through many different eras in her musical career. Recently, she celebrated the 20th anniversary of her Bare album, released in 2002. It was during this time that she made a name for herself and established herself as a respected artist. Whereas Bare perhaps her best-known era, Aguilera continually reinvented herself with different looks and approaches, with music videos being a perfect example of her career’s evolution. Keep scrolling for his five most influential music videos.

“Genius in a Bottle” (1999)

“Genie in a Bottle” was the lead single from her self-titled debut album, and it was the track that put her on the map and helped her rise to fame. At the time of the LP’s release, Xtina was 18 and singing a teen pop song with a provocative message hidden in the lyrics. While the lyrics border on risque, the music video’s aesthetic is what has helped maintain its innocent image, at least for now.

“Dirty” (2002)

With “Dirrty” on his fourth album, Bare, Aguilera showed a completely different side to her. She owned her sexuality in a shameless way. At the time, she was criticized for her openness and raunchy ways. However, in hindsight, she became known as one of the artists who paved the way for other female pop stars to channel their sex appeal. “Dirrty,” if you think about it, is what helped her achieve iconic status. Also, thanks to this music video, whenever we think of blonde and dark hair associated with guys, Xtina always comes to mind.

“Beautiful” (2002)

“Beautiful” was the follow-up single from “Dirrty”. Having a powerful ballad with an important message released after a promiscuous track introduced Aguilera’s lineup. The music video was ahead of its time, featuring people from all walks of life in terms of age, race, background, gender, and sexual orientation.

“Beautiful” (2022)

Twenty decades later, Xtina has released a new music video for the classic track. Despite the passage of two decades since the release of the OG video, the issues addressed in the song still remain today. The new clip revolves around current beauty standards and their impact on younger generations. “The original ‘Beautiful’ video was meant to raise awareness and show compassion in the face of judgment, criticism and outside opinions,” she recently wrote on Instagram. “It always carries an important message to remember our core values ​​apart from what is fed to us…To find a sense of balance and accept ourselves for who we are.”

“It’s Not Another Man” (2006)

“Ain’t No Other Man” appeared on his fifth studio album, Back to basics, once again showing another side of his artistic talent. Aguilera made the 50s cool again, while adding his own modern twist. The track was the first single from the LP and it was a new way to reinvent himself. Ultimately, this video, and the album as a whole, proved that in addition to possessing incredible vocal talent, she also has the ability to jump into any genre, time period or style and make it a success.

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