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The card fight!! Avant-garde franchiseThe “Dai-Vangua-Sai 2022” event revealed more cast members, more staff members, theme song artists and a new visual for the card fight!! Vanguard Will + Robe animated Friday.

Takumi Mano plays Taizō Kiyokura (see below).

Other cast members include:

snowman idol group Daisuke Sakuma as Michiru Hazama

Jin Ogasawara as Laika Koshiba

Karine Kagami as Urara Haneyama

(From left to right in the image below) Amane Shindo as Megumi Ōkura, Hikaru Kōno as Tomari Seto, Yuki Nakashima like Mirei Minae, Masahiro Itō as Zakusa Ishigami

(From left to right in the image below) Yuichi Nakamura like Mondo Kirishima, Hazuki Tanda like Himari Kanoashi, Kenichi Suzumura like Riku Kumatori, Haruka Tomatsu like Yurina Nukata, Takumi Mano as Taizō Kiyokura, Hiroma Yasumoto as Masashi Uryū

Ryūtarō Suzuki is the new director of the series, succeeding Ken Moriwho now holds the position of general manager. Satoshi Nakamura is now in charge of scripts for the series, replacing Mori and Natsuko Takahashi. Tomokatsu Nagasaku is now a character designer alongside Hiroyuki Saitaand is now also chief animation director alongside Ga Young Park and Hatsuhi Yoshitake (Hiroyuki Saita is no longer Chief Animation Director). Hiroyuki Oguri is the unit’s animation director. Osamu Masayama is the artistic advisor. Yuushi Koshida is now credited for 3D CG. Hikari Komiya is credited for color adjustment. All other main staff members return from the previous anime.

Argonavis feat. GYROAXIA’s Nayuta Asahi performs the opening theme song “Black & White”, which was written, composed and arranged by TO FLOW‘stake. The Call of Artemis unit (Nana Mizuki, raychell, Arisa Komiyaand Hinako Umemura as their respective characters) perform the ending theme song “Do the Dive”, which was written and composed by Tetsuya Komuroand organized by Daisuke Suzuki.

Additionally, Friday’s event also revealed There will be drawing a new manga based on the anime titled card fight!! Avant-garde tremor of youth. The manga will be released in Bushiroadit is Monthly bush route June 8 review.

The anime will be released in July. The new anime features 16 fighters chosen from across the country to face off in the Deluxe Tournament.

The first season of card fight!! Vanguard Tracksuit premiered in Japan in April 2021, and it also debuted on the official website card fight!! Avant-garde Youtube channel with English subtitles. Funimation, Sentai Filmworks (Going through HIDIVE), Crunchyrolland Youtube streamed the anime as it aired in Japan. The English dub of the first season has debuted on the franchiseit is Youtube channel in July 2021.

The anime’s second season premiered in October 2021 and ended with its 13th episode on December 28 last year. The English of the second season double made its debut on the franchiseit is Youtube channel on January 15.

Bushiroad announced during theBushiroad TCG Strategy Presentation 2021″ event broadcast live on September 14 last year that the card fight!! Vanguard Tracksuit TV anime series will get a third and fourth season.

Bushiroad and artist Akira Itō are credited for the original work, and Bushiroad founder and managing director Takaaki Kidani is credited as executive producer and for the original concept. Ken Mori directed the anime on Citrus Kinema. TO SQUEEZE is credited for the original character design, and Hiroyuki Saita (Starlight Review) drew the character designs for the animation.

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